About Us

Blind Welfare Society is the registered non-government voluntary Organization. It was founded to undertake various projects for the welfare of persons suffering from visual challenges. The organization believes a sightless person cannot contribute to the progress of the Society and attain true social recognition without the education. Since inception it has been working perseveringly for the empowerment Of the visually impaired persons in the field of Rehabilitation, Education, Training and Employment.

There are barriers that shield the visually impaired people from blending in with the general population. Certain limitations in these people’s lives Become the sole reason why they aren’t able to work in society. The Blind Welfare Society helps in developing the potential of such people so that they may transcend the social barriers that marginalize them and contribute towards the country’s development.

Moreover, the differently able ones require suitable accommodations as well, Especially for the women/young girls.

The organization therefore offers free residential services to visually impaired girls for there education including free lodging and boarding facilities so as to provide suitable homes for the ones who are economically disadvantaged. We can hence conclude with the fact that the Blind Welfare Society is an initiative to empower the visually impaired population And create productive individuals out of sightless people.