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Blind Welfare Society is a registered non-government organization. It has been seriously working for the welfare of the visually impaired persons since 1981. We are having income tax exemption certificate under section 80G of income tax Act. We can also receive foreign donations as we have FCRA certificate from Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.              ......read more.
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Music Training
We are providing vocational training in Music ot the visually impaired in our institute. Some of our inmates have music as their regular study subject in colleges. These classes are very helpful to them and it even helps the other students as every bit of knowledge gained nourishes the human mind.

This training also trains the students for a better future in the field of Music. Blind students enjoy these classes as music is itself a relaxing subject.
You and your friends can step further and help us in this project by paying for our Music teacher (blind) and you can also promote our students.