Welcome To Blind Welfare Society

India is now home to one of the world’s largest population of blind people. Out of the overall 37 million blind people scattered across the globe a staggering 15 million belong to India. So, it becomes our duty to help our blind brothers and sisters to live a better life in the society. With such a cause the Blind Welfare Society has been established for the welfare and empowerment of the visually challenged persons. It is a non-profit organization (registered under the Society Registration Act of 1860) that aims to improve the lives of the visually impaired people through our several projects and initiatives.

The Organization lays special emphasis on education as it develops the potentials of an indivisual to play productive roles in the society. The organization highly supports the concept of integrated education for the persons affected from visual disabilities. It aims to provide barrier free environment to visually impaired persons for their social inclusion with the general society. The organization judiciously assimilated the relevance of computer education and aimed to make it a part of the life of visually challenged persons to come closer to the information and technology.